Amy Bibb-Ford

Amy Bibb-Ford, LCSW, MSW, has 30 years of experience providing individuals with her expertise in mental health solutions. Amy is a licensed social worker in the states of New Jersey, New York and Maryland, and has received licensure as a family and marriage therapist in New Jersey. She specializes in working closely with children, families and couples. Her prior experience includes providing counseling services for child, adolescent and adult trauma, family therapy, services to adoptive families and adult adoptees, families and children affected by HIV/AIDS, domestic abuse as well as child and sex abuse. Amy is an expert in integrating family systems therapy, play therapy, psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in client sessions, and has received advanced training in emotional focused couple therapy. She invites clients to provide feedback about her counseling approaches, and the continuing direction of the sessions. Amy is open to exploring different directions and be more directive, if desired. Her goal is to help clients move towards better coping mechanisms and overall well-being so that they can lead a more fulfilling life.

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