Family Therapy/Parenting Counseling

As Children get older, it is not uncommon to see an increase in Family Conflict/Parent-Child Conflict. You want to be understanding of your child’s behavior or choices, but this can sometimes become difficult, as you may feel like you have little to no control over them anymore. Parents may wonder “Is there something wrong with my parenting?”, and Children may think “My Parents are unreasonably crazy”. Reasoning with your family is the most effective way to improve family relations. Through Family Therapy/ Parenting Counseling, Our Family Therapists can guide your family towards having a better understanding of each other. Whether it be Parent-Child Issues, Sibling Conflicts or other Family Relational Issues, We will assign you one of New Brunswick’s finest Family Therapists so that you can improve your family dynamics.

Learn to manage your children through proven Family Therapy/Parenting Therapy strategies, such as:

  • Establishing appropriate limits
  • Engaging in your children’s lives
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Communicating respectfully and effectively
  • Learning how to negotiate conflict
  • Identifying and relating to family traditions within the family nucleus
  • Keeping your own sanity while managing conflict with your Children