Grief, Loss, Life Changes

Coping with life changes is one of the most difficult challenges we will have to face throughout our lifetime. Typically, adjusting to life changes may stir up feelings of confusion, shock, lacking direction, or periods of sadness.

As time passes, these feelings will lessen, but learning how to effectively overcome these feelings will help you learn how to accept the change while strengthening your mental health state.

How to move on with a loss:

  • Talk about the loss with friends, family, colleagues who can help you understand what happened, and help to remember the good times with the individual.
  • Accept and express your feelings associated with the loss. Feelings of anger, frustration and sadness are normal when you’ve suffered a loss. We recommend verbalizing and writing your own feelings down to help you understand your emotions better. Even listening to music or others who have experienced a significant loss can help you cope.